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Month: May 2019

Identifying and Overcoming Triggers In Early Recovery

What Are Triggers? When we become angry because someone is rude, we can identify a trigger. When we become jealous over a loved one, we can identify a trigger. When we are uncomfortable in or around a situation, we experience a trigger. They specifically work by creating a response from us, whether good, bad, or…
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Incarceration vs. Rehabilitation

For years, the answer has always been to criminalize drug addicts. More frequently, it has been proven that arresting an addict does nothing to help addiction. Incarceration is not an effective form of rehabilitation because abstinence is not recovery. Therapy and medication management are key factors in maintaining sobriety, which are services not provided in jail.…
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Choosing The Right Intensive Outpatient Program

Important Questions You Need to Ask Every Intensive Outpatient Program Drug and alcohol treatment is done in several steps. First is detox, then is inpatient, followed by an Intensive Outpatient Program. With so many different aftercare options to choose from, this can become very overwhelming when making a decision. We hope that by reading this…
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