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Phoenixville Intensive Outpatient(IOP)


Phoenixville Intensive Outpatient

Our intensive outpatient center in Phoenixville, PA was developed to set the standard in addiction treatment. An individual can expect to participate in group therapy, individual therapy, and Family Therapy. Typically, for those being treated with a chemical dependency issue this could entail 9-15 hours per week depending on the severity of the addiction. Patient's can utilize this level of care  as an initial treatment plan for their addiction or as part of their aftercare plan from a detox or residential inpatient facility. IOP affords the individual to carry on with their daily life including work, and leisure activities, but also engage in a structured treatment program during the day or the evening. Our facility encourages participation in 12 step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous, but also alternative paths of recovery including SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and more.


Intensive Outpatient also known as IOP is usually a covered benefit on most insurance policies. Depending on the insurance it could cover almost the entire cost of the treatment. Don't hesitate to call to see if you are covered. We are located in Chester County, but we will find you help anywhere you live.

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