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Addiction treatment in Chester County, Pennsylvania | Do I have An Addictive Personality?

Addiction treatment in Chester County, Pennsylvania | Do I have An Addictive Personality?

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Drug and alcohol addictions are extremely complicated and complex. Everyone has their own experiences and reasons behind why they use alcohol and drugs. However, research suggests that there are certain personality traits that are associated with developing an addiction. Specialists call that term an “addictive personality.” This belief pertains to people who have a set of tendencies that can lead to substance abuse. Keep reading to learn which personality traits can lead to addiction, so that you can get the proper addiction treatment in Chester County.

9 Personality Traits that Can Lead to Addiction

1. Impulsivity: Spontaneous or erratic behavior with little thought of the outcomes or consequences.

2. Negativity: A set of unpleasant emotions, such as anger or sadness.

3. Thrill Seeking: Frequent search for risky situations to satisfy the need for new experiences.

4. Neuroticism: Responds to challenges or threats with negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, anger, or irritability.

5. Erratic: Problems with managing stress or problem solving in a healthy way.

6. Disagreeableness: People who are disagreeable are also more likely to be uncooperative, unfriendly, and selfish.

7. Aggression: Hostility and violent behavior towards others.

8. Narcissism: An inflated sense of self-importance.

9. Obsessive: A strong focus on something that can interfere with your life and daily routine.

Receive Addiction Treatment in Chester County, Pennsylvania Today

Not everyone who has an addictive personality will develop a substance abuse problem. But, if you do, there is help available. Here at Pennsylvania Recovery Center, we can provide you with the best addiction treatment in Chester County. Our team is dedicated to providing every patient with an individualized treatment experience that fits their exact needs. Contact us today.

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