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What Are The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction?

What Are The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction?

Glass of beer on a bar counter, highlighting alcohol addiction warning signs and the dangers of alcoholism.

The Early Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is apart of our daily lives. We see it in restaurants, stadiums, grocery stores, commercials, and billboards. If you are looking for it, there is always a way to find it. Some individuals can maintain a healthy lifestyle while drinking. On the other hand, there are those who constantly obsess about drinking. It consumes their every waking thought. If you or a loved one are searching to diagnose an alcohol addiction, this article will help. 

Change In Physical and Psychological Behavior

When someone has an addiction, it affects not only the brain chemistry, but also physical appearance. This personality change may lead to rage, numbness, and hyper emotional outbursts. The individual may start making impulsive decisions, or become unreliable. As the brain chemistry alters from prolonged use of alcohol, physical appearance will begin to change.

Physically, some may lose or gain weight. Addiction is also known for its effect on the body’s digestive system. The eaten food is not broken down and absorbed properly because of the alcohol in the system. This can lead to serious complications to your digestive system. Research has also shown how dangerous extensive alcohol consumption can be to the liver. Many people contract jaundice, or die due to alcoholism, as it affects the body’s ability to break down substances.  They also neglect their physical appearance by not showering or practicing appropriate hygiene. 

Change In Sleep Patterns 

Addiction has been shown to create disruption in the sleep cycles. Some may experience insomnia, while others sleep all day. This can become dangerous and may lead the individual feeling depressed and anxious. The quality of sleep changes as well, due to breathing pattern disruptions. The person may sweat profusely at night and appear to be shaky or nauseous. This is because alcohol empties the bloodstream at a very slow rate affecting the ability to sleep properly. 

Lying and Withdrawing From Loved Ones

It is very common to find someone addicted to alcohol lying about their drinking. Many may feel embarrassed, others may be in denial. It can be very frustrating to try to get them to admit to their drinking problem, but it is only then when they can get help for their addiction. 

Most of the time, you will see excuses as to why they drink the amount that they do or why they were late to an obligation. It is hard for an alcoholic to admit that they were wrong, and that alcohol is the one to blame in the scenario. Often times, you will notice the lack of empathy in someone who is addicted to alcohol, unable to truly understand how their actions impacted their loved ones. This subconscious guilt can lead them to isolation from friends and family. 

Lack of Interest

Alcohol addiction does not happen overnight, it happens after a prolonged history of drinking heavily. Because of this, people who are addicted may have had several hobbies before alcohol. They may have had jobs, friends, and even had a lot of fun participating in daily life. Over time, alcohol addiction robs the happiness and fun out of one’s life pleasures. The person may be struggling to do simple tasks like showing up to work, or grocery shopping. Hobbies change as well because drinking becomes the main focus. This is when isolation is seen, when the individual has lost all sense of self.

Do You Or A Loved One Have An Alcohol Addiction?

In conclusion, addiction to alcohol is a disease that can seriously impact your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be sad to watch someone you love slowly turn into someone different because of alcohol. It is important to detect and understand the signs of alcohol abuse in yourself, and your loved one to prevent serious complications. If you believe someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it is important to seek help immediately. Professional assistance is highly recommended to overcome addiction. It is very dangerous to detox off of alcohol without medical intervention, so getting in touch with professionals who can offer effective support is vital. Contact Pennsylvania Recovery Center for more information on alcohol addiction. 

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